Caquetá, Colombia


Develop and apply tools and concepts to value water, that are projected regionally and globally and that are implemented by water professionals and business initiatives due to their economic, social and environmental relevance.

External Evaluation Water Unites us Colombia

With great pleasure and satisfaction, the Water Unites Initiative shares the result of the external evaluation of the initiative that is being developed in Colombia. The objective of this evaluation carried out by Lidappy International Consulting SAS-LPIC was to determine the relevance of the El Agua nos Une initiative, its impact, the efficiency in the use of resources, the effectiveness in achieving results, as well as the delivery of products to partners and the sustainability of the action, allowing learning of lessons learned and recommendations.

Territorial scope

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National Water Resources Monitoring Program – PNMRH

This Plan is the strategy to know the state of the water (quantity, quality, uses, threats, among others) and act to improve its management. It is part of the National Policy and its objective is for us to make timely decisions on water management, based on sufficient and validated data. Knowing the dynamics of water in our territory is a priority and a responsibility of all. Water is an indispensable resource for life and irreplaceable for all production processes.

At the national level, the guidelines are given by the IDEAM. At the regional level, the implementation of these Water Monitoring Plans are the roadmap of the Environmental Authority. In Huila, the CAM has designed and is currently implementing its Regional Institutional Program for Monitoring Water Quantity and Quality PIRMA.

Contribution year 2014

During 2014, the water footprint chapter was contributed to the National Water Study led by IDEAM and with the implementation of CTA-GSI. Currently, it contributes with water use criteria for agricultural planning with UPRA – Ministry of Agriculture and contributes with the design of the National Water Quality Monitoring Program with IDEAM.

miPáramo, the investment of our lives

In 2016, miPáramo was born, as an initiative for the protection of the high Andean forest and the Santurbán páramo, through Voluntary Conservation Agreements (AVC) with peasant families; thanks to the alliance between public and private actors and local organizations. The vision is to ensure that the conservation of strategic ecosystems is socially valued, economically viable and that it contributes to the quality of life of families. Thus, the Swiss Embassy in Colombia – COSUDE; The BioCuenca Alliance, GSI-LAC, GIZ and Bavaria, with 550 families from the high Andean municipalities, have managed to include 3,500 hectares in the Agreements (AVC) and develop innovative productive activities.Learn more_miParamo


Strategic scaling of the application of the water footprint promoted by Corporate Water Management Strategy.

Practical scheme of Water Bonds operating “MiParamo”, as a verifiable mechanism for the Integrated Management of Water Resources.

Strengthening of the criteria used by the agricultural planning sector in the National Monitoring Program for Water Quality Standards, particularly related to the water footprint.

The partners that constitute a community of practice where knowledge is shared and common technical bases are consolidated in order to jointly influence towards better water management.