Measure the water footprint, to assess, reduce and manage water-related impacts with a life cycle approach
Commitment to the value chain, supplier and customer participation in reducing impacts on water
Collective actions in the hydrographic basins, committed with the interested parties to jointly develop actions for the sustainable management of water and the protection of ecosystems
Corporate strategies, integrating water resource management into the business strategy and promoting transparency
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water unites us

We are an initiative within the framework of the SuizAgua project, led by the cooperation of the Government of Switzerland, within its Global Water Initiatives Program. We have been working since 2010 with the private sector, public institutions and research centers to promote responsible and committed water management.

Manage the volumes of freshwater used and polluted to produce goods and services and the impacts caused on nature and human health. In the “Water Unites Us – SuizAgua Latin America” project, we promote the evaluation of the ISO 14046 water footprint and the WFN water footprint with the private sector and in public policy.