Catarata Gocta - Amazonas, Peru


Better knowledge of the impacts on water in the production of goods and services gives rise to actions by the private sector, public entities and civil society to improve water management.

Strategic Partners and Allies

from the state

Private businesses

Educational institutions

Developing courses on Water Footprint

Llamas y alpacas - Arequipa, Perú
Vacas - Cajamarca, Perú
Valle Sagrado - Cusco, Perú
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Territorial scope

The study of the agricultural water footprint for Peru was prepared and a new stage is being designed for this area.

Expected results

Scaling in Peru with an operational framework from the institutional framework to the business sector on corporate water footprint, improves the responsible and sustainable use of water.

Members of communities with vulnerable socioeconomic conditions participate in collective watershed actions.

Río Huallaga - Tarapoto, Peru